Take advantage of the 4 Symfony workshops organized by SensioLabs and improve your knowledge of the Framework. On Tuesday the 27th and Wednesday the 28th of October, 4 different workshops, 2 whole-day and 2 half-day are available!

Whether you choose a single-day or two-day workshop, registration is for the whole day. Several combos are available: example- 2 half-day topics for the first whole day and one whole day topic the next day.

Pricing: $690 for one day / $1,190 for two days.

Your workshop ticket includes the entire day of learning, coffees breaks (morning and afternoon) and lunch. Workshop tickets sold separately from the conference tickets.
Check out the list of topics below to make the best choice!

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Workshops description:

- Mastering Symfony Forms
Learn the basics and advanced techniques to build forms with Symfony. This workshop helps you master the Symfony Form framework. The first part of the workshop is focused on (re)discovering the basic concepts such as building form types, dealing with options, processing, validating and rendering forms. Then, the second half of the workshop will tackle more advanced topics such as form internals, form data transformers, event listeners and even form type extensions.

- Symfony Best Practices
Learn the official Symfony best practices as established by the «Core Team». In one day, you will learn the official Symfony best practices as established by Fabien Potencier (the creator of Symfony) and the Core team members. This set of best practices will help you build Symfony applications in a more pragmatic and efficient way. This workshop may shock you if you use Symfony from the very beginning and will change your Symfony experience for ever.

- Migration Guide to Symfony 3.0
Learn how to make your Symfony 2.x code compatible with the Symfony 3.0 version. This short three and half hour tutorial introduces you to the current state of the Symfony 3.0 project. As you'll see, the Symfony 3.0 version won't be a revolution but just an evolution of the current Symfony codebase. Nevertheless, some handwork will be required if you want to upgrade your applications to Symfony 3.0. This workshop will be your practical guide to know all the steps to migrate a Symfony2 codebase to make it compatible with the upcoming Symfony 3.0 version.

- Profiling PHP Applications
You cannot improve what you cannot measure! That's why profiling web applications should always be the first step before trying to improve its performance. In this tutorial, learn how to spot your applications' bottlenecks and how to adopt PHP profiling in your daily development practices. You'll discover the tools to help you identify, visualize, measure and fix the performance issues of your PHP applications thanks to a expert.